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Arizona Research Institute of Acupuncture and

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tui Na

The collective wisdom of the Chinese people in their study against disease for thousands of years, acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui-na and cupping or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has made great contributions to the health care of the Chinese people. Looking back, there has been many great achievements throughout the centuries by studying and researching TCM and has peaked its interest around the world.

Tui-na is another modality in Chinese medicine that complements acupuncture and herbal medicine. It is a form of a massage, but most of the time the patient/client is clothed while the technique is used which is very different from a regular body massage. The meridian system in the body is like channels of water, sometimes there is debris that clogs the channel and disrupts the Qi flow in the body causing aches and pain. The term Tui-Na means to push and grasp allowing the practitioner to use the meridian system to follow the channels and use acupoints to help alleviate pain and boost the patients overall health and energy. By using these points and technique combine helps the musculoskeletal system, decrease pain and increase circulation.

Tui-Na is commonly used in clinics and hospitals in China and practitioners must study the technique in a medical setting to offer the best treatments for the patient/client. After treatment most people feel either sleepy or energized and it may be painful, but after a couple of session, the patient/client gets used to the deep pressure. 

Study progress of tuina for insomnia in recent 10 years

Insomnia is a sleeping disturbance by difficulty falling asleep and/or maintaining sleep.  Recent studies show the progress of using Tuina to help reduce insomnia.  Read more here.